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SEO for lead generation.

What is good Search Engine Optimisation all about?

SEO is more than just getting as much traffic to your site as possible. It is about getting the right type of traffic to your site. Traffic that is going to convert into sales and leads. For most small to medium businesses, the number one goal of your website should be to generate leads.

Our Search Engine Optimisation techniques have evolved over the years to become a highly refined marketing tool. Unlike other SEO firms we don’t solely rely on the old paradigm of creating vast amounts of low quality backlinks.

At the core of our SEO program is a solid content strategy. Great and useful content not only provides content for Google and other search engines to index, but also focuses on providing a value added experience for your website’s users. This keeps them on your site longer and aids in higher conversions.

Where does the time and money go?

Good, legitimate SEO takes time. It takes time for the changes we make to your website to be picked up by and indexed by search engines. Over time these changes are analysed to determine their success and changes are implemented if needed. Over this time we are building up your sites SEO equity.

Understanding the results

We don’t keep our clients in the dark or try to confuse you with marketing jargon. We provide you with easy to understand monthly reports. These reports outline the performance of your website and SEO campaign.

These reports include:

  • Break down of traffic makeup
  • Top performing pages
  • Your rankings vs your online competitors
  • Leads and sales generated

Our process

For a winning SEO strategy our process includes three stages:

  1. First we understand you and your business, your objectives and the competitive landscape you are operating in.
  2. The second step is campaign implementation. This is where all the grunt work is done.
  3. Third is analysis and reporting. This is where we determine the success of the work done and deliver it to you in easy to understand reports.

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